Mindfulness: What, Why, How?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Seems like everyone is talking about mindfulness these days, huh? What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is like an inner compass that encourages us to pause, become present in the moment, and be aware of what’s happening in both our internal and external world. Why is this important? It goes back to our nervous system and how our body responds to what is happening around us. We have three states - overstimulation, under-stimulation, and our window of tolerance. When we’re overstimulated we might feel anxious, irritable, worried. When we’re under-stimulated we might tune out or zone out. When we’re in our window of tolerance we feel alert and calm. When we’re in our peak window we’re best able to learn and process what’s happening around us. So how does it work? By being aware of our internal state and where we’re at we can best make decisions that serve us and our wellbeing. It would be unrealistic to expect us or children to remain in our peak window all the time. The tools we learn through mindfulness help us to return to our window and expand our window BIGGER! Who doesn’t love an upgrade! So what are the practices within mindfulness? We are going to be releasing a series of posts that deep dives into the world of mindful practices! Stay tuned.

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