Self Regulation: What's Yoga Got To Do With It?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Self regulation has become a bit of a buzz word these days.

What is self regulation and why is it important? Self regulation, put simply, is a person's ability to find calm from feeling overwhelming emotions. Self regulation helps children move from feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, and upset and back into their calm, alert and happy state. Practicing yoga helps children develop self-regulation skills in a number of ways. Body awareness and movement Yoga practice helps children develop awareness of their bodies and how their bodies feel throughout the practice. We don't have to mention the benefits of movement for young children. Our bodies are made to move! Breathing DEEP and Calming the Nervous System Throughout the yoga practice we encourage children to focus on their breath and move their breathing from shallow breathing (which contributes to increased feelings of anxiousness) to breathing from deep within their core. This type of breathing is said to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, contributing to feelings of calm. Children will not only benefit from the practice immediately but are encouraged to notice how their bodies and their minds feel as a result of breathing DEEP. They will bring this knowledge with them into their everyday life. Positive Affirmations and Mindfulness Awareness

Through the use of positive affirmations and mindfulness awareness, children will learn tools that are utilized in popular psychology to increase self-esteem, confidence and present awareness. Connection and Belonging

By connecting with peers and friends through a common interest, children feel a sense of belonging which we know is the foundation for children's overall sense of wellbeing. Bringing it all Together

By taking part in a regular yoga practice children are learning the tools they need to practice self-regulation in their every day lives. Connection, self-esteem and gratitude lay the foundation for self-regulation. Mindfulness, breathing, and movement are among the tools used by psychologists to assist individuals of any age to regulate their emotions and ease feelings of worry, anxiousness, fear and sadness. Our goal is to equip children with the tools to move from feelings of overwhelm, overstimulation and upset to feelings of calm engagement with ease and confidence. Kid's yoga is a wonderful place to learn those tools!

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