Rachelle and Kids provides mindful programming for children and youth, including yoga classes, gratitude workshops and art classes.

We welcome newcomers with open minds and open hearts. Check out our upcoming programs below.

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I love yoga, pizza and owls, but mostly, I love the positive impact I can have on a child's day! 

I spend my days as an RECE and my evenings and weekends running Rachelle and Kids, creating and facilitating programs to help children and youth become more mindful. 

I'd love to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out any time.

Why is yoga great for children + Youth? 

Through yoga and mindfulness youth learn to become aware of how their internal state is affecting their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

Through yoga and mindfulness youth learn how to find safety in their bodies; become aware of their internal world and use mind-body resources to regulate how they feel and decisions they make. 

Through Yoga Children + Youth develop:

Sense of Self 
Healthy Body Image
Personal Safety
Stress Management 


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